Rotary Rule > Super 6

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown. Teeth are ground in from one side.

This is a hybrid rotary rule designed from the best of two fantastic tooth configurations, National's Klean Kut and National's Euro-Cut. This product will work well for heavy board (double wall & triple wall) where you want agressive cutting with less penetration.*

On rotarys cutting corrugated, use for long, across the cylinder cuts where deep penetration is likely (ie: lead edge knives). Like Klean Kut, Super 6 is ground from one side (not shown) to improve stripping.

Heights made to order from .875" (22.22 mm) up to 2.00" (50 mm), usually 4 point.

* Gullet design is less then standard 6 tooth "V" design.