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National Bundle Breaker Rule is a family of five special perforating products. These products were designed and tested to be utilized where multiple out box designs are butted together as a unit on the cutting die. As the multi out blank exits the cutting section it is piled into stacks commonly referred to as "bundles". These bundles are shuttled to a mechanical clamp and by hinging the stack the bundles are separated. This process increases die cutter yield while enabling box makers to deliver individual boxes to their customers.

Bundle Breaker Rules are a versatile team of products. The goal is to provide incremental degrees of holding power while achieving an acceptable edge finish across a wide range of single wall corrugated materials. Understanding that paper thickness, flute direction and converting variables all play a roll in success; National has pared down the product line to its most simple form. This allows the user to minimize inventory while taking a scientific approach to bundle breaking. Though not intended, these products can also be used in some situations as tear out rule where a light, easy tear is needed without a great deal of holding strength. Sizes Available:

Extra Heavy
.095 x .055, 37% hold

.111 x .055, 33% hold

.105 x .045, 30% hold

.121 x .045, 27% hold

Extra Light
.155 x .045, 22.5% hold

Thickness Available Heights Available
4 Pt. (0.71 mm) .937" (23.80 mm)
.970" (24.60 mm)
1.00" (25.40 mm)

Standard Features
.230" (5.83 mm) deep top notch
.375" (9.5 mm) back notch for curved
Accu Tooth alignment on all cut segments