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Heavy (.111 x .055), 33% hold shown.

Heavy Bundle Breaker is the second most popular size bundle breaker product. Slightly modified from one of the original sizes, .055 x 1/8", it was enhanced with the common features of the bundle breaker family. Deeper top notch, shallower bottom notch and Accu Tooth alignment. Heavy bundle breaker has a 33% cut to hold ratio. It is commonly used for light to medium weight single wall running across the flutes.
Thickness Available Heights Available
4 Pt. (0.71 mm) .937" (23.80 mm)
.970" (24.60 mm)
1.00" (25.40 mm)

Standard Features
.230" (5.83 mm) deep top notch
.375" (9.5 mm) back notch for curved
Accu Tooth alignment on all cut segments