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Shelf Ready & Retail Ready (SRP & RRP) products from National Steel Rule are targeted toward box designs that need to double as both a shipper and a display dispenser. These box styles have easy opening features and tear out panels that provide consumer access to the product inside. An example would be a shipping container that was designed to become a bin style dispenser by ripping part of the box away at the retail location. The objective is to incorporate a specialty perforated rule that will be strong enough to survive the logistics from box maker to retailer but to also be easy to transform by the stocking clerk and ultimately result in a neat and tidy presentation to the consumer.

National has prepared five special perf rule configurations to do just that! This team of products is referred to as PERFormaX. These products feature specific cut-gap designs that provide escallating degrees of holding power while simultaneously managing the tear ability and final edge finish. When applied properly, quality results can be achieved across a broad range of single wall corrugated products converted with rotary equipment. For lighter holding, easier tearing applications see the PERFormaX Bundle Breaker Rules.

Sizes Available:

.050 x .070

.045 x .055

.045 x .045

8 Tooth EZ Strip
.075 x .050

10 Tooth 066
.134 x .066

Thickness Available Heights Available
4 Pt. (0.71 mm) .937" (23.80 mm)
.970" (24.60 mm)
1.00" (25.40 mm)

Standard Features
.230" (5.83 mm) deep top notch
.375" (9.5 mm) back notch for curved
Accu Tooth alignment on all cut segments