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Heavy (.070 x .050) shown.

PERFormaX Heavy is the strongest of the PERFormaX family of shelf ready packaging rules. With a 58.3% cut to hold ratio, this product will take lots of shipping and handling abuse without tearing open. Use Heavy with medium and heavy single wall board grades. Apply across the flutes on most all board grades but with the flutes on heavy weight paper only. Especially designed for "fold and tear" applications, Heavy will take up to a 180° fold on light and medium grade single wall and a 90° fold on most all single wall. Due to the extra strong notch gap, this rule is designed with reliability in mind, therefore, the tear edge finish will show some roughness in appearance.* Use this product when holding is a priority over edge finish.

* Tearing with the flutes may result in sporadic medium rip out. Final edge finish is good across the flutes and only fair with the flutes.