Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of
intelligent effort.

– John Ruskin

A Message from National

Covid has presented the world with unparalleled challenges, including major supply disruptions to almost all manufacturers and we at National have certainly faced our share of these challenges. Despite this unprecedented disruption, we are proud to say that we have been able to maintain near normal levels of availability, for almost all our standard items throughout the pandemic. This was due to a unique combination of careful planning, huge raw steel orders (despite double digit price increases) multiple sourcing and a willingness to carry increased inventories of both finished and raw steel. What we were not prepared for, was the incredible increase in demand for products that were not typically part of our core business. Lack of global availability caused many customers to come to National for products that they normally purchased elsewhere, which of course, stretched our resources even further. We’ve done our absolute best to  accommodate this new demand, but we have had to extend some lead times beyond what we would normally provide. Hopefully, the worst of Covid is behind us, but in any event, we sincerely pledge to consistently provide our customers with optimum availability, even in the face of the most difficult circumstances. As always, we thank you for your support.

How does National Steel Rule set itself apart from the competition?

We ASC. No, that’s not spelled wrong. Asking our customers what they want and need from their rule manufacturer, created the ASC acronym that clearly
guides how we operate today:

A- Availability – The best products in the world don’t mean a thing if they aren’t readily available. Therefore, we maintain the largest rule inventory in the world today. Even during Covid, we have maintained exellent availability of our standard items.

S- Speed – Inventory, plus a huge manufacturing capacity and state of the art proprietary equipment, allow us to provide the fastest deliveries in the industry, standards and specials alike.

C- Consistency – The ever increasing demands of the industries we serve absolutely require that steel rule be truly consistent in its quality and characteristics. We are fully committed to providing that critical consistency.

Featured Products

The most popular, most versatile rotary rule in the world today. Effectively cuts a vast majority of all corrugated stocks in the marketplace today. Works equally well across the cylinder and around the cylinder.

The most popular, most copied rule of its kind, saving time and money throughout the world.

A complete line of flat and rotary perforating rules and wheels for the SRP/RRP (Shelf Ready/Retail Ready) industry. World’s fastest growing rule of its kind.

This unique, proprietary rule solves most of today’s creasing problems. For platen/folding carton type applications, MicroTrak is a 13TPI rule. For rotary converting, an 8TPI rule is provided. For cold creasing of plastic, a 100 TPI version is available. All these rules are in use globally.

The most popular, longest lasting serrated rule for diecutting foams. Properly used (normally cutting into air or a supported slot) this proprietary rule has had reports of lasting well over 100 million impressions. In use around the world.

National is the only rule manufacturer currently employing this unique, state of the art printing method that produces the most aesthetically pleasing, permanent marking of rotary rule.

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