Ask National-FAQs

How do you crease plastics with steel rule?
See our articles on creasing plastics. Did You Say Plastics?  Scoring/Creasing Plastics

What are two of the best rules for lead edge applications?
See Extreme 9 and 8 Tooth.

How can I increase the life of a steel rule?
We offer multiple tempers, custom edge hardening or titanium or teflon coatings.

Is there a simple, quick way to make Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP/RRP) perf samples?
If you have a Kongsberg sample maker table, we offer special PERFormaX wheels that  can produce samples automatically. If you don’t have a table or want to do a quick sample by hand, we offer a hand held version of the 5 perf patterns (like a pizza cutter).
PERFormaX Data Sheet

How can I submit a project to your testing lab?
Contact Greg Zimmer – or

What type of rules can reduce or eliminate score cracking?
See our listings for rules such as MicroTrak, Duo-Score, Laser Crease and more to come.

Would you be interested in eventually being able to place your orders on our website?


Do you offer blanket or coverage orders?
Yes, under certain conditions, we are happy to stock products for your future use.

Are there any general guidelines as to what rules to use on a specific type of material?
See our guide

How do you calculate the hold strength of a perforation?
Multiply the number of teeth in one inch by the size of the space in decimals. Example: 4T x 0.125” Space would be 4 x 0.125 = 50% Hold, Example: 10T x 0.032” Space would be 10 x 0.032 = 32% Hold