Products: Serrated Rule – General Info

While virtually all rotary cutting rules are serrated, not all serrated rules are engineered for rotary applications. The Rotary Rule section described the nineteen styles of serrated rule used primarily in rotary diecutting. Of course many of these products can also be used in flat dies or as cut off blades. National manufactures the largest variety of serrated rules for all applications. The Serrated Rule section describes the products National manufactures to solve particular applications, often in flat applications.

While we have done our best to describe the applications where the products have proven performance, the best method for finding the correct rule is to work with our research department, where a variety of rules can be evaluated on the type of equipment you use.

Custom Engineered Rules

No other rule company comes close to producing the number of products National does. By combining height, thickness, bevel and tooth configuration, the number of products we can produce is infinite. Even though we have produced over 20,000 varieties of rule, hardly a day passes where we don’t make something new. We can even modify an existing design to meet your specifications. This incredible flexibility assures you that we won’t force your application to fit our product line, we’ll make our product fit your application.