Products: Kushion Crease

Kushion Crease

National Kushion Crease is designed to reduce fractured scores sometimes caused by dry or recycled board. By gently crushing the inner liner and medium, Kushion Crease allows the scoring rule to form an accurate line crease on all grades of corrugated. The resulting blank folds easily and consistently through the folder gluer.

We have reengineered the profile to crush the flutes slightly further away from the scoring rule. Previous versions of Kushion Crease had more of a “wedge” shape while the new version has a much more pronounced crush zone. The face of the Kushion Crease is at right angle to the top so it can be butted right against the scoring rule. In order to make identification easier, the product is now color coded. A list of sizes and colors is shown below. To make ordering easier, all sizes now come on reels containing 50 feet of Kushion Crease.

Color Coded Kushion Crease

Original Kushion Crease:
We still stock a limited amount of the original black Kushion Crease. Any size and style of original Kushion Crease is still available as a special order (minimums apply). Stock items are as follows:
.315” (8.00mm) – 40’ Boxes or 300’ coils
.325” (8.26mm) – 40’ Boxes
.335” (8.51mm) – 30’ Boxes
.355” (9.00mm) – 30’ Boxes