Company History

Our company has its roots traced to a small steel rule die shop in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was there the two founders of National, Ed Mucci, Sr. and Joe Bialoglow, first met.

While working full time at their day jobs, Joe and Ed began manufacturing steel rule in Ed’s basement. The equipment was primitive, and the methods were tedious, but one tooth at a time they began what is now National Steel Rule.

National came into existence in 1968 as a storefront operation in Union City, New Jersey. By the time they were ready to move out of the storefront, they were also ready to leave their day jobs and work full time in their own business. They chose Roselle, New Jersey as the location and formed a second company, United Steel Rule Dies. Initially United grew faster, and National was primarily a supplier to United. By 1977, Ed and Joe realized the tremendous potential that National had and sold United to devote their full attention to the rule company.

Today, National is the leading manufacturer of rotary and flat die rules in the world with sales on six continents. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology in regards to our industry. Therefore, we spend a tremendous amount on research and development work. This work has yielded new products and new procedures which help our customers and the industry in general. It is the desire not to be complacent, to constantly strive to improve, that has enabled National to grow every year it has existed.