Special Processes

When diecutting abrasive materials or for long runs, National can custom edge-harden any of our products to maximize performance. Customization of edge-hardening allows us to optimize the relationship between bendability and wear resistance. When bendability is not a primary consideration, we can provide deep edge-hardening up to 60 RC for maximum wear resistance. In applications where bending is critical, we can alter the depth and hardness of the edge to give you the results that you need.

Teflon Coating

All National products are available with a durable Teflon coating. Teflon, one of the world’s slickest substances, adds a tremendous degree of lubricity to the rule. This lubricity is particularly important when diecutting pressure-sensitive or other “sticky” materials.

Teflon prevents buildup on the rule, as well as aiding in release. Teflon coating can be applied to both straight and curved rotary and flat cutting rule.

Titanium Nitride and/or Boron Coating

National offers Titanium Nitride coating on all platen cutting rules, as well as some serrated products. Titanium Nitride is an extremely thin and extremely hard coating applied to the cutting edge that greatly improves the life of the rule without compromising the bendabilty.

A recent National innovation, Laser Printing (available on many of our most commonly produced rules) produces print that’s uniquely easy to read, permanent and borderline beautiful.