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Serrated Punches

Klean Kut
8 Tooth Inside Bevel
12 Tooth Inside Bevel
12 Tooth Center Bevel

National’s line of serrated punches are designed with one thing in mind – superior stripping. Our punches cut cleanly through all board grades, including double wall and wet board right off the corrugator. Made from the highest quality tube steel, National punches are case hardened to a depth of .003” to .005” to insure uniformity. Available with either an inside or center bevel, our punches can be serrated with an 8 Tooth, 12 Tooth, Shallow Profile, or Klean Kut tooth configuration.*

Available in standard heights of .990” (25.15mm), 1.000” (25.40mm), 1.023” (25.98mm) and 1.030” (26.16 mm). Other heights as well as outside bevel punches are available on special order.

Cut size and tube diameter on Inside Bevel Punches are equivalent.
* Only available for Inside Bevel Punches