Products: Serrated – QC 100 

This unique, proprietary rule is a National exclusive. In successful use around the world, QC100 is widely recognized as the most effective serrated rule ever designed for the diecutting of various foams and is also great for plastic films. Edge hardened for maximum life, when properly used, cutting into a minimal clearance supported slot, this rule has had multiple reports of running well over 100-million impressions. QC100 starts cutting a wide variety of foams on contact, with absolutely minimal cutting pressure. This greatly reduces or eliminates “beading” and possible concavity. The most popular QC100 size is 12Tooth, but it may also be special ordered in 10 and 16 tooth.

Minimizes concavity, cutting pressure and “beading”
Precision manufactured and edge hardened for unrivaled blade life
Excellent bendability
Also great for plastic films

  indicates a Zimmer Industries innovation.
12 Tooth shown here.