Products: Creasing Rule – MicroTrak

In use around the world, MicroTrak is an innovative, proprietary crease rule developed to reduce and often eliminate score cracking. It facilitates accurate and positive paper tracking through the press. This product has a unique surface engineered into the top of the crease, which introduces alternating forces as the rule contacts the corrugated. These bidirectional pressures alleviate score cracking associated with plain crease by reducing the force necessary to fold, MicroTrak often increases folder glue speeds significantly.

Available in 8T for rotary applications, 13T for platen applications, and 100T for plastic creasing applications.

“We know this rule is more expensive than conventional crease, but we made up the difference in very short order with every application we tried. MicroTrak definitely represents a superior rule value.”

                – Reg Cunningham

Data Sheet

  indicates a Zimmer Industries innovation.
4 Pt 8T shown here.