Products: Rotary Perforating Rule – Fractional Rotary Perforating

Whether you are using perforating rule for folding, holding blanks together, or as a tear rule, National can provide a rotary perf to meet your specifications.

When the tooth of the perf exceeds 3/8” (.375”) (9.53 mm), we recommend that you specify serrated perforating rule. Serrated perf is made from National’s center bevel 12 tooth rotary rule. The serrated teeth allow the perforating rule to pierce the corrugated, as opposed to crushing it.

The standard gullet depth for rotary perf is 3/16” (.188”) (4.76 mm), however, you can specify a 1/8” (.125”) (3.18 mm) deep gullet at no additional charge. We do not recomend gullets in excess of 3/16” (4.76 mm), since the gullet may fall above the back notch and create a weak spot in the rule.

Available in all standard heights.

1/4”x1/4” non-serrated perf shown here.