Products: Specialty Blades – Miter Tight (Pre Cut Miter Rule)

One of the most critical areas of a rotary die is the lead edge knife. A common cause of lead edge failure is scrap buildup between the rule and the trim breaker knives. Miter Tight blades are designed to prevent scrap buildup by precisely matching the contour of the bevel rules commonly used in lead edges.

Miter Tight blades are pre-cut in standard 1 1/2” (38 mm) lengths that save time in ruling and simplify programming. The curved Miter Tight blades come in standard heights to match the horizontal knives while the straight blades are available in in heights that match the vertical knives. The curved blades have no back notch so you can be sure the stop rule will butt up to a solid piece of steel.

Heights Available

.937” (23.80 mm)
.970” (24.64 mm)
.990” (25.15 mm)
1.000” (25.40 mm)

.960” (24.38 mm)
.990” (25.14 mm)
1.000” (25.40 mm)
1.025” (26.04 mm)

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
Curved rule shown.
Straight rule shown.