Products: Platen Perforating Rule – MicroPerforating Rule

Microperfs create the unusual combination of a strong hold and an excellent look and feel to the torn edge of the stock. Having made and sold far more Micoperfs than any other rule manufacturer worldwide,National is the industry leader in this highly specialized field.

“MicroMax” is our premium, square tooth Microperf line, ranging from 20 to 70 TPI, with spaces as small as .007” (.039 mm) and a choice of gullet depths, though the standard depth is .020” (.51 mm). A wide variety of configurations is available. Most commonly ordered in cut lengths.

“Invisible” perf is our economical line of Microperfs . These rules have triangular shaped teeth and are perfect for thin applications (approximately from .001” (.025 mm) – .012”  (.30 mm) dependent on the number of teeth). The more teeth, the thinner the application and TPI range from 25-100. Deeper gullet versions may be available. The 100 Tooth pattern was specifically designed for cold creasing various plastics and is in use around the world. Invisible perfs are most commonly ordered in coil form.

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  indicates a Zimmer Industries innovation.
MicroMax – 50T shown on left.  Invisible – 30T shown right