Products: Platen Perforating Rule – Prenicked

To achieve maximum productivity on today’s platen diecutters, blanks must stay together through the diecutting and stripping sections, yet come apart cleanly in the blanking section. Traditional methods such as nicking the rule with a chisel can leave high spots on each side of the nick and can cause blanks to separate and jam the diecutters.

By using prenicked rule, you are certain that the nicks are cleanly formed in the rule without the high spots associated with hand nicking. Prenicked rule allows you to alter the strength of the nicks by simply replacing the small section of Prenicked Rule, as opposed to re-ruling an entire knife.

* For folding carton applications, nicks as small as 0.007” (0.2 mm) can be supplied. MicroNik

One example of prenicked rule shown here.