Products: PERFormaX 568

The unique “house shaped” tooth design and tooth height consistency, provide a stability and strength of tooth that easily withstands the stresses of both rule insertion and diecutting. The look and feel of torn PERFormaX perfs, are superior to those created by conventional SRP/RRP perfs.

Hold strengths from 45%-68% provide a range that can effectively handle virtually all stock weights and grades.

Extensive testing proves that new PERFormaX is a superior choice for taking the mystery out of SRP/RRP rules, providing sturdy, easy to open packaging, with a superior look and feel, at a reasonable cost.

568 Creates a 68% Hold Strength

4 Pt. (0.71 mm)

Standard Features
.230” (5.83 mm) deep top notch
.375” (9.5 mm) back notch for curved

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the ordering and use of National’s New PERFormaX Rules and Wheels


indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
5 TPI x .135” (3.4 mm), 68% hold shown.