Products: PERFormaX Bundle Breaker Rule – Medium

Medium Bundle Breaker was designed to be the “best of two worlds”. Engineered with a cut and gap pattern that places it between the two most popular sizes, it is versatile in its use. At 30% cut to hold ratio, it will work both with and across the flutes on medium weight single wall. It can also be used with the flutes on medium to heavy weight single wall and across the flutes on many of the lighter weight single wall grades.

4 Pt. (0.71 mm)

Standard Features
.230” (5.83 mm) deep top notch
.375” (9.5 mm) back notch for curved
Accu Tooth alignment on all cut segments

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
Medium (.105 x .045) (2.67 mm x 1.14 mm), 30% hold shown.