Products: Rotary Rule – 10 Tooth Arrowhead

Like standard Arrowhead, 10 Tooth Arrowhead has a long shaved bevel and an induction heat treated edge. The finer tooth pattern provides better anvil life and a smoother cut on lighter boards. 10 Tooth Arrowhead is made from standard rotary steel that provides improved formability.

For long running jobs on medium to heavy board, 10 Tooth Arrowhead is an excellent product to use around the cylinder coupled with prism across the drum. The symmetrically ground “V” tooth design leaves a slight wave on the diecut blank.

Longer bevel for better release.
Symmetrically ground “V” tooth.
Works well with Arrowhead.
Edge Hardened for longer life.

Curved ID
9.500” (241.3 mm) and above

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown.