Products: Rotary Rule – 10 Tooth Klean Kut

National 10 Tooth Klean Kut combines the tooth geometry of Center Bevel 10 Tooth with Klean Kut’s bevels to produce a rule that cuts with minimal pressure and penetration on both light and heavy test board.

10 Tooth Klean Kut is an excellent choice for lead and trail knives on all board grades and works very well around the cylinder on heavier boards. Like Klean Kut, 10 Tooth Klean Kut reduces edge crush and improves stripping when the serrations are placed towards the waste. This product is produced from standard rotary steel for superior bendability. Like all National rotary rules, 10 Tooth Klean Kut can be ordered in extra hard steel to improve beam strength, or edge hardened to improve wear while maintaining bendability. The combination of less pressure and a shallower gullet produce a rule that reduces anvil wear.

Excellent bendability.
Cuts with very low pressure.
Improves anvil life.
Great for all board grades.

Curved ID
7.000” (177.8 mm) and above

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown. Teeth are ground in from one side.