Products: Rotary Rule – 20 Tooth

When edge appearance is critical, such as in display and consumer product applications, a fine tooth serrated rule is an excellent choice. National 20 Tooth rule is available in a wide variety of heights and thicknesses in both center and side bevel. Standard center bevel comes with teeth ground in from one side unless otherwise specified. 20 Tooth will also perform well on lighter boards and the micro flute products that are now being introduced.

When choosing 20 Tooth, steps should be taken to insure the anvils are in good condition.

Provides excellent appearance.
Good for light and Micro Flute boards.
Available edge hardened for longer life.

Curved ID
6.000” (152.4 mm) and above

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown. Teeth are ground in from one side.