Products: Rotary Rule – 8 Tooth Arrowhead

Arrowhead combines the benefit of a longer shaved bevel and an induction hardened edge with the power of a symmetrically ground 8 tooth rule. The result is a product that cuts with less pressure than standard 8 Tooth while providing longer life due to the hardened edge.

Arrowhead is available in all standard rotary sizes and can be curved to most standard diameters. National uses the exclusive Accu-Curve method to prevent the small cracks sometimes seen on edge hardened rotary rule. Like standard 8 Tooth, Arrowhead leaves a medium wave on the diecut blank that acts as a safety edge.

Cuts with minimal penetration
Cuts a wide variety of materials
Provides excellent anvil life
Minimizes paper dust

Curved ID
9.500” (241.3 mm) and above

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown.