Products: Rotary Rule – 13 Tooth Klean Kut

Rotary diecutting is becoming increasingly common on products other than corrugated. National 13 Tooth Klean Kut is a multi-purpose rotary rule that works very well on fibrous materials, plastics, and micro flute corrugated. Like standard and 10 Tooth Klean Kut, stripping can be improved by placing the serrations towards the waste. This will also result in a very smooth edge on the product when edge appearance is important.

13 Tooth Klean Kut employs a shallow gullet that extends anvil wear and works well on harder cutting surfaces such as belts. Rule wear is enhanced by induction heat treating the edge on all 13 Tooth Klean Kut products. Though 13 Tooth Klean Kut is primarily a rotary rule, it is available in a wide range of heights and thicknesses for numerous applications.

Shallower gullet for anvil life.
Edge Hardened for better wear.
Standard rotary hardness for bendability.
Leaves a smooth edge on product.

Curved ID
9.500” (241.3 mm) and above

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown. Teeth are ground in from one side.