Products: Rotary Rule – Extreme 9

Extreme 9 is a wild* but innovative rule pattern designed to be low force and low overcut. The cutting teeth slope on a gradual downward angle. Though this appears extreme, this product cuts through heavy materials with ease. The final cut is usually made at only .007” – .015” past the final gullet. If you penetrate over .100” (2.54 mm) into your anvils now, the overall penetration of Extreme Cut will be less!

This product will work well for heavy corrugated board (double wall & triple wall) as well as dense rubbers, thick foams and Honey Comb. On rotary dies, use Extreme 9 for long, across the cylinder cuts where deep penetration is likely (ie: lead edge knives). Heights made to order from .875” (22.22 mm) up to 2.00” (50 mm), usually 4 point.

* Extreme cut will require special consideration when butting pieces together and where intersecting rules join. Planning will be necessary to get standard rule to join properly.
indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.