Products: Rotary Rule – 8 Tooth

When long horizontal cuts are required on heavier board grades, a more aggressive tooth design can reduce cutting pressure dramatically. National 8 Tooth is designed to incorporate a smooth shaved bevel with precision ground “V” teeth that easily pierce the board upon initial contact of the rule. Once the rule penetrates the outer liner, the sharpened gullets easily cut even the heaviest boards.

8 Tooth is available in both center and side bevels and can be curved to all standard diameters. When cutting heavy board around the cylinder, the reduced cutting pressure coupled with the quick release characteristics of 8 Tooth help reduce the anvil wear normally associated with heavy duty rules.

Reduces cutting pressure on heavy board.
Superior bendability.
8 Tooth is available in harder steel tempers for lead and trail edge applications.

Curved ID
9.500” (241.3 mm) and above

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown.