Products: Rotary Rule – 8 Tooth Klean Kut

Engineered to eliminate edge crush on heavy board, National Klean Kut is one of the most innovative rules developed in the last few years. The unique combination of tooth geometry, and the angle of the bevel help minimize edge crush while maximizing stripping. The harder alloy steel that is standard for Klean Kut provides both durability and beam strength, yet is forgiving enough to make most standard bends.

To achieve optimum performance, the smooth side of the rule should be toward the blank. Improved stripping is achieved by allowing the serrated side of the rule to deform the waste for better release from the die.

Excellent performance both across and around the drum on heavy test board.
Minimizes edge crush.
Improves stripping.
Made from harder Alloy Steel.

Curved ID
7.000” (177.8 mm) and above

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown.