Products: Rotary Rule – 12 Tooth

The combination of cutability, durability, and formability has helped National 12 Tooth become an industry standard since the 1960’s. We designed 12 tooth center bevel rule to have a super smooth shaved edge that minimizes paper dust.

National maintains the industry’s largest inventory of both center and side bevel 12 tooth in all standard rotary sizes, as well as higher rule heights such as 1.250”, 1.500”, and 2.000”. Whether you are diecutting corrugated low density foam or a wide variety of other materials, National 12 Tooth is a proven performer.

Available in almost any height and thickness.
Can be used on a wide variety of materials.
Available standard or edge hardened.
Cuts with minimal penetration.
Provides excellent anvil life.

Curved ID
6.000” (152.4 mm) and above

4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Center Bevel shown.