Products: Rotary Rule – Euro-Cut

Euro-Cut is the first rotary rule jointly developed by two of the world’s leading rule manufacturers. The design and development process was driven by the desire to produce a rule that cut with minimal penetration.

We succeeded by combining a precision shaved edge with a unique 8TPI profile and state of the art hardening technology. Euro-Cut not only cuts with less penetration, but has the following benefits:

Requires less pressure to cut.
Improves die life by reducing wear on rubber.
Improves stripping.
Reduces edge crush.
Allows faster running speeds.

Euro-Cut works equally well on light and heavy test boards. You can use the same rule height both across and around the cylinder or use the more traditional method of using a slightly higher rule for the horizontal cuts. Because of the reduced penetration, you may need to increase the score heights by .005” to .010” (1.5 to 2.5 mm) to achieve a well defined score.

Also available in 10 and 12 Teeth per inch pattern.

Curved ID
7.000” (177.8 mm) and above

indicates a National Steel Rule innovation.
Standard Euro-Cut shown.
10 Tooth Euro-Cut shown.